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There is a serious risk of being under insured with thatched houses, listed buildings and those in conservation areas or of a non-standard construction. In these cases the true rebuilding cost is often significantly higher than the figure given by standard calculations based upon floor area. This has lead many insurance companies to put the responsibility on the home owner to state a figure. But if you claim and the loss adjuster declares the property to be underinsured then the insurers will deduct from their payout an amount equal to the percentage by which the property is under insured. Because large sums are usually involved, even a small percentage difference can mean a devastating shortfall on the cost of rebuilding.

Written rebuilding cost appraisal...

Steve Graham will visit and provide a written rebuilding cost appraisal for your particular property for a fee of £50 (depending on area). You are free to use the appraisal with any insurer of your choice.

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Thatch Shield Ltd
Thatch Shield Ltd

"Thanks once again for helping us find a much better deal for our thatched house insurance. We're extremely grateful that you saved us several hundred pounds! " CS, Suffolk