Insuring thatch

Thatched properties have always been more expensive to insure. A significant number of fire claims in the past few years has led some insurers to impose conditions regarding open fires and woodburning stoves which have led to substantially higher premiums for some householders. In some cases cover has become difficult to obtain. Another concern with properties that are thatched, timber framed or just very old is that rebuilding costs can easily be underestimated leading to under insurance. This means that the insurers would make a reduced payment in the event of a claim. Thatch Shield is uniquely placed to ensure that your cover is both sufficient and all-embracing.

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Thatch Shield is not affiliated to any insurance company. We have access to the best rates in the market and if we can't beat your current renewal figure we'll tell you so. But almost certainly we can find you better value and introduce you to an FSA registered insurer with whom you will deal directly from then on. No laborious on-line form filling - just one phone call to a human being in Sussex gets you a no-obligation quotation.

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