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Our clients benefit from over 40 years experience of the thatched industry
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Best Insurance for a Thatched Cottage

Best Insurance for a Thatched Cottage

Getting the best thatch insurance quotation isn't as simple as getting the best price!

The romance of owning a thatched or period property is undoubtedly a positive life changing experience. But living in a home of such charm, character and historic importance comes with certain challenges too, like making sure your thatched home has adequate levels of insurance that takes into account the unique nature of thatch cottage ownership.

For example, the rebuilding costs for thatched, timber framed or just very old properties can easily be underestimated, leading to under insurance. This equates to a reduced payment in the event of a claim and as many thatched buildings are grade 2 listed, this can complicate or completely scupper the rebuilding of your home.

Unique Thatched Home Appraisal Service

Is your thatched insurance cover sufficient? Our unique Thatched Home Appraisal Service can put your mind at ease.
Thatch Shield Ltd

Get an Appraisal from an Experienced Thatched Professional

Get an Appraisal from an Experienced Thatched Professional

An appraisal from a thatched insurance specialist often helps to achieve the best thatch insurance policy for your unique property.

Issues that can have a bearing on getting the best thatched home insurance might include:

  • Listed property
  • Type of construction (brick, stone, wattle & daub)
  • Type of thatch
  • Flooding
  • Subsidence
  • Open fire or wood/log burner installed
  • Chimney height
  • Chimney liner
  • Chimney installation
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Smoke detectors
  • One-hour fire barrier
  • Electrical certificate
  • Thatcher's report
  • Surveyor's report
  • Vermin damage

With over 40 years thatched property experience, Thatch Shield is uniquely placed to ensure that your cover is both sufficient and all-embracing. Our unique Thatched Home Appraisal Service or a simple telephone call can often establish if we can offer better value and service than your current renewal package.

Thatch Shield Promise:

If we think you currently have a good deal with your existing insurer, we will tell you - we will not waste your time with unnecessary form filling!