Guide to Buying a Thatched Cottage

House buying is complicated enough but if your new home has a thatched roof, what extra steps do you need to take to ensure your dream home doesn't become a nightmare?

Step 1.

Do your homework online, read as much as you can about:

  • Woodburners
  • Chimney heights
  • Chimney flues/linings
  • Fire barriers
  • Electrical checks / spark arrestor fitted?
  • Insurance costs
  • Thatch inspections - when was the last inspection or repair?
  • Re-thatch - when was the property last re-thatched?
  • Any recent problems with birds or vermin?
  • Overhanging trees
  • Buildings listed by English Heritage and conservation area restrictions
  • Re-thatching guidelines - types of thatch
  • Are any local authority permissions required when re-thatching?
  • Thatch grants - does your local council run a scheme to help protect and repair listed properties?

Step 2.

Always seek good professional advice before committing to buy a thatched cottage. By talking to a thatched property insurance specialist at an early stage can help to identify thatch specific issues and how to address them.

  • An early appraisal from a thatched insurance specialist can address problems at the 'estate agent' stage rather than at the 'building surveyor' stage. For example, does the property contain a wood burner, is the chimney lined and insulated and what is the chimney height?
  • Another example - the majority of thatched houses are Grade 2 listed, and to extend the height of the chimney, involves getting planning permission, which can be a very difficult and lengthy process, with no guarantee to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Questions like these can make life difficult for estate agents, but it is far better to address these issues before structural surveyors get involved further down the line.

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Thatch Shield Ltd

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Thatch Shield Ltd
Thatch Shield Ltd

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Thatch Shield Ltd

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Thatch Shield Ltd

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Thatch Shield Ltd

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