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Just Had Your Thatch Insurance Renewal?

Thatch property owners are being shocked by their insurance renewal quotations even though their rates have previously been “consistent” over previous years and never made a claim.

Steve Graham from Thatch Shield Ltd has been insuring and inspecting thatched houses since 1978. “Unfortunately this is an ongoing problem. Due to the increased cost of building materials, builders rates, insurers leaving the thatched insurance market etc, some insurance premiums have gone up a huge amount. New clients have approached me because their renewal quotations have increased by up to 60%.
Thatch Shield Ltd - Just Had Your Thatch Insurance Renewal?
“Presenting your case to the insurers has become an essential tool to ensure your renewal costs are realistic. It’s more important than ever to make sure your rebuilding cost valuation is correct and you set your excesses realistically.”

Thatch Shield specialise in advising thatch home owners, offering a unique appraisal service (both video and inperson) which generally results in their clients receiving more competitive thatch insurance renewal quotations.

“Thatch owners accept that thatch insurances are at a premium, but that dosen’t mean they should be over charged, sometimes by simply not stating their case successfully to the insurers.”

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