Over 40 years experience

Our clients benefit from over 40 years experience of the thatched industry

Thatched Insurance Specialist

Why do you need a specialist? It’s all about the thatch!
Every thatched cottage has it’s own unique personality which is why every thatched insurance policy needs to match your home’s quirky requirements!
Getting the right policy at the right price is much easier for ‘standard build’ houses - much harder if your home is a ‘non-standard build’ thatched cottage.
Thatch Shield Ltd - Thatched Insurance Specialist
You can get a policy for your thatched home online, but will the forms cater for anything uniquely thatch? At Thatch Shield, our ‘old-fashioned personal service’ approach to thatched insurance is backed by over 40 years thatch experience. We know that online forms cannot replace the professional personal service we offer. Finding the right cover at the right price begins with our unique thatch appraisal service.
Thatch Shield Ltd - Thatched Insurance Specialist
By assessing your unique thatch insurance requirements and using our comprehensive knowledge of the thatched insurance market, we will match the best cover at the best price, rest assured.

Every thatch property owner knows their home insurance is not just about the price but about finding the right cover from the right insurer who will be there for them if the worst were to happen.
Thatch Shield Ltd - Thatched Insurance Specialist
We build lifetime relationships with our clients because they know that living in a thatched cottage requires more attention to detail and a thatch expert will often save them money and be sure that their family’s belongings are completely covered whatever the insurers might throw at them from year to year.

Call Thatch Shield for more details and rest assured you have the right policy at the right price.
Thatch Shield Ltd - Thatched Insurance Specialist

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