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Thatch Fire Warnings and Checks

Fires and wood burners are starting to be lit as we move into the colder weather and already we are receiving reports of the first few thatch fires of the season. Our thoughts go out to everyone affected.

Fires in thatched properties are extremely difficult to tackle with homes often completely destroyed or seriously damaged. As thatched specialists we assess the dangers with owners on a daily basis. Our unique thatched appraisal service goes into great depth but here’s a basic checklist which every thatch owner should regularly action.
Thatched Insurance - Fire Warnings and Checks
Check your smoke and CO alarms regularly.
Every thatched home owner will have these alarms fitted, but they must be tested regularly - Fire brigades promote their “Test it Tuesdays” to encourage a weekly test.

Sweep your chimneys once or twice a year.
Chimneys are the source of most thatch fires. Make sure you get your chimneys swept (and cctv inspected) regularly by a qualified chimney sweep. Depending on what you’re burning will govern how often they need sweeping, but we recommend once or twice a year - certainly before your first fire of the season.

Only burn well-seasoned wood.
If your wood is wet, it can create condensation which then hardens to form tar in your chimney, which is very flammable and can cause a chimney fire to start.

Ensure your electrical certificate is up to date.
It’s easy to forget but please remember that as well as putting your family in danger, in the event of a fire your insurers may wish to see your electrical certificate. Your insurance will be void if it isn’t up to date.

Fit an outside tap.
A long hose that can reach a small fire is a basic precaution worth taking that could stop fire spreading to your thatch.

We cover all of this and much more as part of our unique Thatch Appraisal service and fire brigades offer free home fire safety visits for people living in thatched properties.

Stay safe this winter season.

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